Who We Are

Family owned and operated since 2018

Frangos Bar & Churrasqueira is a contemporary Bar & Grill showcasing techniques and flavors rooted in Portugal, but influenced by our regionality, though a carefully balanced harmony between both gourmet and eclectic comfort meals. Our creative process begins with the art of fusion of cultures and flavors, beginning with the infamous “piri piri” sauce, and our house special flame grilled piri piri chicken. Sip on one of our carefully crafted cocktails, boasting locally sourced natural and fresh ingredients, while enjoying a bird’s eye view of the Nairobi skyline. You will feel both close to home, as well as a part of a novel food and drink adventure!

What We Do

Continually inspired by our love for different cuisines through our travels, our creative process focuses on the art of fusion of cultures and flavors, beginning with the infamous “Piri Piri”.

Before Frangos, Portugal was already linked to the African continent through this legendary piri piri sauce. There is debate on how the piri piri pepper (African bird’s eye chilli) reached Portugal, and on the origins of the sauce, but whatever side of the debate you’re on, the union between Portuguese and Pan-African cultures is a wave we’re happy to ride on!

Every dish at Frangos has its own story, from traditional recipes directly from Portugal to typical bar favorites, each with its own local twist.

At Frangos we also pride ourselves on serving a mix of classic cocktails and our own exciting creations. We experiment constantly to find new flavours/textures to tickle your taste buds, boasting locally sourced natural and fresh ingredients.

Frangos brings a personal yet informal flavor-packed passage to diners through our Chef’s culinary evolution.